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Volunteering Holidays


Would you like to enjoy a holiday in the sunshine, whilst knowing you were making a huge difference to the lives of animals? Come and join us in our Bubble - we desperately need wonderful people like you!!


Here at the Four-Legged Orphan Sanctuary (FLOS), within the grounds of the Bubble, we have a motley crew of rescue animals, of all diffferent shapes and sizes, all with their own story to tell, and all in need of love and plenty of TLC! Activities can range from dog walking along the beach, helping out in the stables with our donkeys, helping build walls and shelters, leading projects with local children raising awaress in animal welfare, fundraising events, marketing, and generally helping us to spread the word about the work we do here at the FLOS sanctuary! 


If that sounds like a lot of work, don't worry, we will make sure you have plenty of time for enjoying all the fabulous facilities that the Bubble has to fact, our animals only ask for two or three hours of your time each day! The rest of the time is yours to enjoy a relaxing and well earnt holiday!


Prices start from £70pp, per day, all inclusive, depending on the time of year. Please contact us for details.....our four-legged friends can´t wait to meet you!


Please note the volunteering holidays are only suitable for people with experience in animal husbandry and / or fundraising.


We are also searching for volunteers with experience in animal husbandry / veterinary care, who are willing to come and join us, long-term, in the bubble, and help us to run the sanctuary. Ideal perhaps for a responsible couple, looking for a different way of life!! Please email for details!

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