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Our Vision


In building Dar Danse, we are proud to be able to say that we have changed the lives of many - humans and animals alike! We provide a livelihood for several local families, as well as for the fishermen, who can count on their daily catch being very much appreciated by our guests! Other ingredients for our delicious freshly cooked food, are sourced locally - vegetables from our own garden, and fresh produce from the local souks, thus supporting local farmers.


Our construction, built of locally sourced natural materials such as stone, clay, straw, bamboo etc, blends harmoniously into the landscape and has had minimal impact on the environment. We have daily proof that its presence has created positive change and are constantly working with the local community to improve, amongst other things, environmental waste issues. We have started our own basic recycling and are encouraging the families who work with us, to do the same. 


Since creating our gardens, and planting several native trees and shrubs, many birds have come to winter with us, frogs have races in the swimming pool, swallows dip in and out, and tortoises love the shady spots under the fast growing Mimosas.


Our electricity, hot water, swimming pool pump, and Hammam are all powered by the sun -  with only a little boost from the generator in the evening!


Our guests, particularly those with children, are encouraged to visit local families, still living in rudimentary houses, with no running water and very basic hand crafted furniture. We find this to be a mutually beneficial experience, and the locals´ happiness is often a real eye-opener!


We, and our guests, support the women's argan oil cooperatives, by using their products in our Hammam, thus helping local women to gain independence and respect in the community. Guests often like to make a pit stop to see the women at work, en route to Dar Danse.


With the help of a wonderful young English Vet, who took our cause to heart, we have set up a charity, the Four-Legged Orphan Sanctuary, to enable us to treat and adopt stray or ill-treated animals in our surrounding area, and our small sanctuary, within the hotel grounds, is growing...please visit our Animal Sanctuary page, for more about our ongoing work! 



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